This application allows you to create your own short videos. In this application, there are no boundaries for you. You can write down how you brush your teeth in the morning, train in the afternoon or have dinner in the evening. This application allows you to implement all your wildest copyright ideas. You can dance to music, sing songs, create funny videos and parodies, record sketches and much more. You can also view videos of other users from around the world. In the application, you can use audio recordings and audio tracks of absolutely any musical composition and video, be it an excerpt of a film or a part of a video clip, blog or music video. You just need to load it into the app.

The application has the ability to specify tags on your video, it will help to find it in the stream of other videos on a special topic, as well as promote it by rating.

Under the stylishly designed shell of this application is a powerful video editor for various occasions. You can trim the video, remove the sound, increase or decrease the speed of the video, add special effects. You can add music and sound effects to the video.

In addition to editing the video, you can record collaborations with other users of the application. To do this, simply select a song, record a video, and then post a proposal to record a collaboration.

The application has a huge number of stickers, filters, music, videos that you can use to create your content.

If you do not record the video, but only watch them, the application will offer you selected videos from the entire service. You can also search for content suitable for you in various categories such as: Dance, Comedy, Vlog, Food, Sports, DIY, Animals, and everything in between. Discover videos and more.


The application combines a number of great features:

  • Individual selection of videos based on views. Tiktok quickly adapts to your taste preferences, offering new videos.
  • Millions of content creators participate in the application community.
  • You can add your favorite music or videos. Playlists adapt to your preferences.
  • In the application, you can use emotes, add stickers and gif images.
  • You can conduct live broadcasts for viewers, there is also a live chat where you can chat.
  • Videos are distributed by genre and tag into different information streams. Find your format and favorite category of many different.

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