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It’s been more than five years that the game Temple Run 2 marked its presence in the world of mobile games. However, it was never among the passing fads. The ‘downloads’ of the game is still on and it doesn’t seem to be stopping any soon. The prequel of this game ‘Temple Run’ clocked over a whopping 170 million downloads and somewhat same was expected from its sequel too. But it surpassed all the expectations and now it stands at a download count of mind-boggling 500 million.

So what made the fans go gaga over Temple Run 2?

When it comes to Temple Run 2, it has a lot of improvement in terms of graphics and even adventure. The vibrant colors and detailed environment boost the gaming experience. The game has been built using the Unity Development Engine which epitomizes appealing and awesome graphics. Right from the waterfalls to landscapes, everything gives a realistic feel to the gamers.

Apart from graphics, there are new zip wire and mine cart sections that have been added to the game. Thus, while you rejoice the gameplay, you get to slide down zip lines and jump into a plenty of mine carts.  

When it comes to the controls, the game has retained the control mechanics from its predecessor. All it takes is right, left, and up and down swiping to control the character and save him/her from various hazards on the way. Talking of hazards, there are many of them in the 2nd series of the game. Right from the fire-breathing statues to rocky outcrops, all of them hike the adventure quotient of the game by several notches.

If there are challenges, there are power-ups too to cope with them. Other than the power-ups, there are coins and gems that a player needs to collect as he/she runs on the path. The more the coins you have, the more the characters in the game you can unlock. Note that each of the characters comes with different abilities. If coins are to unlock characters, you can use gems to purchase restarts. They help you start from the spot where you met your end.

To sum up, mentioning that the upgraded graphics have contributed to making such a large fan base for Temple Run 2 won’t be untrue. Fused with Temple Run’s accessible control template and oodles of new characters with special abilities, the game is surely a boredom buster.

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