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Snapchat is a free to use instant messaging app. However, this application is quite different from other instant messaging applications. This application allows the users to talk and communicate to each other by sending short videos or images. These images and videos disappear once they have been opened.

Furthermore, there are various kinds of filters, such as live filters and creative filters which are updated every day.  Additionally, the app allows you a number of replay options in a day. Snapchat, now, also supports video calling and allows you to add an edge to your messages by providing you with stickers and emojis for your messages as well as your pictures and videos.

App Description

The Snapchat app is free to use application which can be downloaded on your Android and iOS devices through the respective app stores. With addition to this, this app makes use of an iOS-like UI, which is smooth and easy to understand.

Certain gestures such as swipes towards the right and left will change the screens and take you to messages or to the area where you can see your friend’s statuses. The application predominantly makes use of yellow accents with a white background, and in some areas, it makes use of a lavender colour, such as for status updates or for other notifications.

Snapchat now supports video calling and allows you to talk to your friends. Other than this, the application allows you to link your account to BitEmoji, which allows you to create an avatar, which will show up on your animated filters and can also be used as the display picture of your account.

Apart from this, the application allows you to subscribe to various channels such as Brother, Comedy Central and many others, and receive daily updates to their Snapchat articles and videos. Furthermore, the application allows you to share the articles you like by selecting the part you want to share with long-press and sharing it with your friends. Additionally, the application allows you to share images from your gallery. These images disappear once the other person has viewed it.

Magic of Snapchat

Snapchat is an interactive and a highly innovative application. The application makes use of the user's location and shows them the friends who are nearby; this was included in the most recent update. Other than this, the application is a unique method of getting in touch with your friends and family. The application is free to download for Android and iOS devices.

However, for those who wish to download the application on your PC, you can do so by downloading the application through an apk file. The application’s apk file can be downloaded with the help of various websites and can be installed through special methods, use Bluestacks if you want to use the app on your PC. The app will work on your PC just as it works on the phones and will offer you the same features and options.

App Features

  • This application allows you to share your location with friends.

  • The app allows you to share pictures and videos with friends and family.

  • Snapchat allows you to post statuses in the form of disappearing images.

  • The various kinds of live filters, as well as other creative filters, add excitement and creativity to your pictures and videos.

  • The application notifies the user when a screenshot has been taken.

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