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ShareIt is a universally recognised file sharing app that delivers on exactly what it promises. It is faster, easier, and more efficient than any other sharing app out there. It is compatible with practically all devices and platforms including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. But the major attraction of ShareIt is its automatic transfer of content as well as backing up of important content.

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Being one of the most used sharing apps around the world, ShareIt offers so much more than just basic file sharing between two devices. It is a powerful tool when it comes to transferring videos, images, documents, contact details, or any other file from one device to another. In order to send a file, you need to tap on the chosen item and then just choose the receiver. Then tap on Share and you're done. The recipient will get a notification about an incoming file and they will need to tap on “Receive” to complete the transfer. It is fast and can help transfer big files instantly.


ShareIt has a lot of features that know how to deliver an unmatched file sharing experience. It can easily transfer files between devices fast. Share content between desktops, tablets, smartphones, laptops, and Mac's. You can even back up files between devices easily. Just drag and drop on your PC and watch them get saved on your mobile device as well. The app can share content of any size and can be transferred over WiFi and mobile data.

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