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Pokémon Go lets you experience a gameplay that is based on augmented reality. In the game, you get to look at your city from its interface and catch the notorious and powerful Pokémon in your Pokeballs. It is a location-based game and thus, you need to activate your GPS before diving into the gameplay, which is quite unique and amazing.

The game wants you to collect the creatures called Pokémon who are scattered in your entire city. Thus, to catch them, you need to roam in your entire town scanning it with the rear camera of your smartphone or tablet. When you see a Pokemon, throw your Pokeball at it. They will surely resist the arrest but do not give up. There are some special Pokémon too and you get to see them just once or twice in days. Keep an eye on them.

Pokémon Go revolutionized the entire mobile device gaming by utilizing the potential of Augmented Reality. It is an experience in itself which doesn’t just let you catch Pokemon but let you battle with all the other trainers in your town. So, get ready for some cool action as you dive in the gameplay of Pokémon Go.


  • It is free-to-play but there are in-game purchases

  • GPS is a must for this game

  • Network connectivity is highly recommended

  • There is a gym battle mode and co-op mode in the game

  • Compatible with Smartphones and Tablets

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