Released in 2014, Monument Valley is still one of the biggest puzzle games found online. Combining a perfect blend of mesmerising graphics and simple, yet challenging gameplay, this title has stood out for all the right reasons. The objective behind Monument Valley is to guide the princess Ida through complex geometric maps that are riddled with hidden paths, puzzles, optical illusions, and so much more. While the game is absolutely free to download right now, there is an option to purchase an additional 8 chapters. The game looks quite basic, but delivers a very unique feel to mobile gaming. The controls too are quite easy and require no more than a few taps to maneuver through the levels. In 2017, the developers released Monument Valley 2, but it is currently only available on iOS and should hit Android devices soon.


Monument Valley prides itself on the complete simplicity it brings to the table, but that doesn't mean that the game is a complete cakewalk. There is a level of difficulty and understanding that needs to be overcome to move on to the next chapter. Yes, the controls are easy and don't require you to remember complex combinations of moves, but you also need to be able to follow the games geometry. It is important that you always save your game so that you don't have to restart it every time to exit. Once the game is synced, you will be able to play it from any connected device - smartphone or tablet. The stellar graphics bring 3D effects to every puzzle which make it even better to play. The sound quality of the game is also quite impressive. You will hear everything from the press of a button to the turning of a giant stone cog - it all adds to the brilliance that is Monument Valley.

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