GTA game series is one of the most sold virtual franchises ever created with more than 27 millions of copies of San Andreas sold worldwide. This year it celebrates its 14th anniversary, but still has a huge fandom.

Let’s start with the story. This GTA chapter takes place in the 90s, and you are offered to play for Carl Johnson aka CG. After 5 years of absence, he returns to Los Santos. His mother is murdered, relatives fell out, and friends are stuck in terrible problems. The whole state of San Andreas is flooded with drug-dealing gangs, psycho killers, whores, bribable policemen and other criminal elements. Characters of SA deserve an additional review, because they are all incredibly deep and well worked. Each has a good storyline and many memorable missions.

In 2004 it was the biggest game for PC and consoles, and today it’s the most massive RPG for smartphones ever. You can explore the huge state of Los Santos that consists of three big cities of Los Santos, Las Venturas and San Fierro. If you played Vice City or GTA 3, you would notice, that San Andreas is way much bigger and requires in-game GPS usage to commute. There are many missions in each of them and in the suburbs. The total storyline takes about 70 hours to be completed! The cast of actors for San Andreas includes 861 actors. It was a Guinness Book record in 2009!

Graphics in GTA SA look quite old for 2019, but developers endowed mobile version with better sprites and textures, colors are brighter, and resolution is much better than it used to be on PS2. In addition to that, you can adjust graphical preferences on any mobile device.

Controls in the mobile version are very comfortable, because they are borrowed from the console version. There are two main sets of buttons for shooting and riding, which are switched automatically. You may choose from 3 different button layouts.

San Andreas soundtrack includes 11 radio stations with different genres of music for any taste. You can also import your own music to the 12th station. There’s a special folder in game’s root for that purpose.

GTA SA is a perfect game for those, who lacks remarkable mobile projects or has a wish to turn back to those wonderfully soulful years. Metacritic evaluated it 95/100.


  • CG, Smoke, Truth, get in the car!
  • One of the greatest RPGs ever on your Android device;
  • Graphics are improved for the mobile version;
  • 70 hours of the extremely exciting plot;
  • Customizable character and cars;
  • Huge open-world with 3 cities and suburbs for you to explore;
  • Hundreds of thrilling missions, quests and mini-games.

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