It’s a very predictable thing to happen, but this fact is worth celebration anyway - Fortnite Battle Royale PvP for 100 players is finally ported to iOS, and Android mobile platforms with all PC version features included. This release proves, that mobile devices can be used as gaming consoles of full value.

All iPhones starting from 6S and SE show extremely good performance with 30 FPS minimum. No clues of freezing at all! That’s very surprising, because guys from Epic Games managed to make this Unreal Engine 4 based port without any irritating graphical limitations. It’s possible to distinguish mobile screenshots from PC, but only if you put them both near. It’s most comfortable to play on 18:9 iPhone X display, because it shows more game space in horizontal, but older “buttoned” devices provide a more convenient grip and faster access to items in upper corners.

Sensor controls for shooters are quite difficult to be optimized, but Fortnite was originally made not only for PC and Mac but for consoles as well. That’s why it is easily controlled with a gamepad configuration that is used in this mobile version. With your left hand you can walk, and with your right hand you can aim, look around, shoot, jump and build. Any additional buttons appear on your right exactly when you need them. It’s not advisable to play on lessons or lectures, nevertheless you can, because developers added a visual shooting locator for you to play in sound-off mode.

Some reviewers call Fortnite too monotonous, but it’s not fair. If we talk about consoles, then we can call it dull compared to PS4 Uncharted 4 or something like that. Mobile devices are not as good for long plots and complicated gameplay features. That’s why Fortnite is ahead of any mobile timekiller. It’s bright, fast and has multiple events every season to keep you engaged.

Each game session looks quite the same: you press play, and the game adds you to the nearest server with 99 other players. That’s where the fun begins. Each battle map is procedurally generated, so all locations and loot are randomly distributed around. The only goal is to stay alive. For that purpose, you can build fortifications, run around to collect guns and other vital items and even join in teams. Anyway, there’s always only one player to stay alive.


  • Full-scale cross-platform MMO kill-em-all shooter;
  • Perfect performance;
  • All PC/console version features ported with several relevant improvements;
  • Convenient controls;
  • Simply the best mobile shooter ever.

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