What is DirecTV?

Access live television content and on-demand content on DirecTV app interface. Install it on your smartphone or on your tablet to stream unlimited shows, movies, etc at your convenience. Whether its live, scheduled, recorded, or on-demand content; DirecTV app allows you to stream it on your smartphone as well as television.

App Description

The elegant and intuitive interface of DirecTV app prompts users to scout for the desired content without any hassles. Check out the top recommendations and trending content that will keep you hooked for an indefinite time period. Subscribe to AT&T or DirecTV data services to stream content without connecting to an internet connection.

DirecTV app incorporates premium channels like HBO, STARZ, SHOWTIME, and others. Thus, you have access to your favorite shows. Further, you can record the content, and watch it later in your leisure time. Stream content on a television, and let the app assume the role of a remote control. Set parental controls on DirecTV app to limit access for children.


  • Purchase home subscription on DirecTV or AT&T to stream television content without the need of an internet connection

  • DirecTV app allows you to watch DVR recordings on smartphone, tablet, and television; internet connection not required

  • Can act as a remote control and allows parents to customize parental controls

  • Capable of streaming live and on-demand content

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