Bloons Tower Defence or TD has been around for quite some time, but now the latest and probably greatest installment of that is here. Welcome to the world of Bloons Tower Defence 5. It is, by far, one of the most addictive and challenging strategy/tower defence games available. Compared to the earlier renditions, the 5th part of this game brings a lot more action and adventure.

The objective of Bloons Tower Defence 5 is to place your towers in strategic points to combat the oncoming waves of balloons (or bloons). While you could choose the angle at which the towers shot in earlier games, this one doesn't give you that luxury - you don't have the time to actually. Balloons keep floating your way at speeds that are constantly increasing with every wave. The balloons come in different colors and popping strength. For example, the red ones take just a single shot to burst. Other colors have different strengths and some even reveal more balloons after being popped.

Upgrading is your second objective. While your towers are strong enough to take on the regular balloons at regular speeds, you will eventually come across stronger balloons that fly at you at unmanageable speeds. This is where upgrading your tower comes in. How do you do that? Simple. Collect in-game cash or points and build your army of towers. The better your towers, the better your chances of popping even the toughest of balloons. The more your progress in the game, the more game modes you unlock.

Controlling your towers is relatively easy as the game calls for no more than taps and touches to place, remove, and upgrade your towers. Popping the towers doesn't need anything from your end. Once the balloons come into the vicinity of the tower, they automatically start shooting. Every tower brings its own strengths and weaknesses. While some shoot the normal arrows, others shoot cannonballs and more. Tower defence games have become increasingly addictive over the years and Bloons Tower Defence 5 really stands out for all the good reasons.

As far as compatibility goes, Bloons Tower Defence 5 is a game that is supported on practically all your devices. It is available on various platforms and is supported on a number of different hardware specifications. On mobile, the game is available on Android, iOS, and Windows and can be played on smartphones as well as tablets. Along with mobile gameplay, the game is also available on PC, laptop, desktop, and even on Mac devices. Yes, playing Bloons Tower Defence 5 on these devices requires a bit of configuration, but once done, can be a very entertaining platform to play. Start playing Bloons Tower Defence 5 today and enjoy one of the most popular tower defence games available.

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